November Update

  • RIB Stock is still under pressure with many customers reserving stock well in advance.
  • Where we get a cancellation stock is being added back to the website so keep an eye out daily for stock changes.
  • TPOs - Reminder that all Trade Projected Orders must have a required by date in the comments unless you want it ASAP. If you go past the required by date or the stock arrival date without payment then the stock WILL be added back to the pool. No warning we dont have time to chase orders. It is only fair to people waiting for stock for the stock to be made availabel to them.
  • Special Orders - We have removed this an option for the shortterm as production slots are full. The next available production slots are May 2022. If you'd like a special order bed call us to go through the options.
  • SCA Roofs - Good stock of all popular roofs like 192, 193 194, 290, 124. Others are coming in quickly as special orders.
  • Delivery of roofs - In partnership with Diamond Logistics we are now delivering roofs direct from Banwy to you without using a courier wherever possible. So please remember to look after the driver he likes tea and biscuits ;)

Here is a quick reminder of how TPOs work for our trade customers........

Trade Projected Orders (TPOs)

Designed for traders to plan what they need when they need it.

We will ring fence stock for you.

Giving you certainty on price and availability.

How they work….

  • Place your order online
  • Payment Method – Choose TPO
  • In the comments box specify Required By Date
  • Pay a couple weeks before you need the goods.
  • Email us at to ask us to ship

It is as easy as that!

Now the small print…

16. Trade Projected Orders (TPOs)

16.1 TPOs will only be accepted by our trade customers and at Banwy's discretion. We reserve the right to cancel a TPO.

16.2 Every TPO must include a required by date no further forward than 3 months. We will not hold stock for longer than 14 days without a required by date.

16.3 Payment must be received minimum 2 weeks before your required by date.

16.4 Banwy will not chase payment or required by dates and stock will be added back to website stock.