The first batch of RIB Flux seats are now on our shelves both 150 & 112s.

Partnership with Uberbus sees Banwy stocking and distributing Flux beds within the UK.

Sliding RIB bed on rails available in 112 and 150 width.

Traders get in touch for more information

Developed by the engineering team at UBERBUS the patent pending system, named the UBERBUS Flux enables a modified RIB seat to slide the full length of the van on the same rails used in the California and lock in any position (every 12mm) making it a truly versatile system.

With the RIB seat locked fully forward you can travel with your rear passengers directly behind the front seats in a car like configuration this will then give you a whopping 1.5m (SWB) or 1.9m (LWB) boot space for all your gear.

Key Benefits:

  • VW rails designed to fit the T5/T6 body shell with off-the-shelf underfloor strengthening brackets.
  • Nylon/ rubber wheels and dust guards protect against stones and grit.
  • Full factory approval - built in France by the RIB factory to our design.
  • Nylon bushes used in locking mechanism to eliminate rattles.

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