Trade Projected Orders (TPOs)

Designed for traders to plan what they need when they need it.

We will ring fence stock for you.

Giving you certainty on price and availability.

How they work….

  • Place your order online
  • Payment Method – Choose TPO
  • In the comments box specify Required By Date
  • Pay a couple weeks before you need the goods.
  • Email us at to ask us to ship

It is as easy as that!

Now the small print…


15.1 Prices quoted on the website will stand for orders placed, paid and delivered prior to 31st December 2020.

15.2 Orders which have been placed that are due to supply after 31st December 2020 may have surcharges imposed to be paid for before delivery. This will affect Trade Projected Orders, Made To Order roofs or beds, or any order for delivery after 31st December.

This will only be invoked where:

  • prices change substantially due to tariffs or taxes directly associated with BREXIT
  • or the exchange rate fluctuates and goes below 1 GBP = 1.08 EUR.

15.3 It is expected that Banwy will absorb the effect of BREXIT as far as is reasonably possible, and surcharges on orders already placed will be as a last resort.

16. Trade Projected Orders (TPOs)

16.1 TPOs will only be accepted by our trade customers and at Banwy's discretion. We reserve the right to cancel a TPO.

16.2 Every TPO must include a required by date no further forward than 3 months. We will not hold stock for longer than 14 days without a required by date.

16.3 Payment must be received minimum 2 weeks before your required by date.

16.4 Banwy will not chase payment or required by dates and stock will be added back to website stock.

16.5 Where orders are required after 31st December 2020 we draw your attention to 15. Brexit with regards to pricing.