Warranty Process

This process is for SCA Roofs or RIB Seats bought directly from Banwy by either a trader or a retail customer.

Email us at sales@banwy.co.uk with the following information, using the header WARRANTY on your email:

Information we need to help:

  1. Serial Number (stamped on the frame of the RIB Bed or on the exterior of the SCA roof underside by the hinge). Without this we cannot register your claim.
  2. Concise description of the issue
  3. Pictures of the issue
  4. Your contact information

We will then endeavour to resolve your issue as quickly as possible. Bear in mind replacement parts may need to come from Germany or France. The manufacturers have certain criteria that define what is acceptable as a claim and their decision is final. We are unable to cover any associated costs and refer you to our Terms.


Where the issue is specifically related to a RIB seat cushion mechanism that has failed then we refer you initially to this document for fitting advice. If the mechanism still fails then the cushion can be returned directly to Scopema for repair using the likes of UPS. Please send to: SCOPEMA SARL ZAE des Garennes, Rue de Pouloueix F - 87150, ORADOUR SUR VAYRES, FRANCE. Include your contact details as there may be a charge for this repair service.


Where the issue refers to a SCA Canvas then we ask you to refer to this document initially regarding canvas care.