Leather Hides

Leather Hides

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Leather Hides To Match Your RIB Seat

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Leather Hides To Match Your RIB Seat

Points to note:

  1. It is best to order at the same time as your "special order RIB Leather bed" as there will always be slight difference in the leather.
  2. We sell based on hides. Not every cow is the same so they do vary in size and not all of the leather may be usable by your trimmer.
  3. Our listing is for enough leather to do the front seats but please do check with your trimmer first. We cannot accept any claim if you order incorrectly.
  4. As a guide 1 and 1/2 hides equate to 7.5  to 9 metres.

Leather Fabric Options:

We use this colour chart for leather

We can supply as all one colour on the front, or you have the option of outer panels including headrest and side panel one colour and the centre seat panels another colour.

Note the rear on the bed is always supplied in Enduro suede effect fabric as leather is not the best to lie on. But onyour front seats you will probably use leather all over.

Note this listing is a special order seat - orders placed with RIB on receipt of your order. Once order confirmed by RIB a dispatch week willl be notified to you. The leather will dispatch from France and we will then express it you just as soon as we can. Seasonal demand and RIB shutdowns will affect the leadtime

We advise to order leather at the same time as your bed so we can include in the same box.

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