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RIB 104 Seats

RIB 104 Seats

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RIB 104 Seats

RIB 104 Black Fabric Slider ISOFIX - short back low arch 270mm/140mm INSTOCK

RIB 104 Seats

RIB 104 Black Fabric Outer/Rear & Unigrey Centres Slider ISOFIX - short back low arch 270mm/140mm INSTOCK



RIB Seats - Due End June 2022

This listing is for RIB 104 Seats

Specific Details For This Seat:

  • 104cm - Popular in small van conversions e.g NV200 etc (2 Seats)
  • Short Back - 58cm - Popular in small vans where space is a premium.
  • Arch height of vehicle 270mm with 140mm inset.

Fabric Options In Stock:

  1. T6 Titanium Fabric - Black Fabric

Choose Fabric for Seat Inserts & Seat Outers

Optional Slider Mechanism:

- Standard Fixed Frame - Most common option in the UK, and still allows room underneath for a porta potti
- Slider Mechanism - A bit like your drivers seat, the frame is fixed but the seat can move forward and back in seat position by 20cm. Popular with familes when you want the kids that bit closer, or need a bit more room at the rear for you bike. Installation note: A small indentation on the arch is required to allow the bolts to protude from the bottom of the frame.


- Standard option is without
- Available as an optional extra to add Isofix to 2 seat places. Popular with Families, Grandparents & Rental Campers.

Please read this blog on Isofix before ordering


- Standard Mattress is the default selection
- Option to upgrade to Thermoflex mattress which offers additional comfort, and offers increased airflow within the mattress thus preventing condensation and overheating.

Seat Length:

  • Standard Back - standard seat length of the back is 65cm - this is the length of all our stock beds.
  • Short Back - 58cm - Popular in small vans where space is a premium.
  • Extra Long Back 73cm - For those of you that are particularly tall this may be an option. Please ensure it works with the overall layout of your van though, most suited to a LWB as it would require a SWB to be fitted forward of standard position.

Frame Heights & Offset:

- The standard Banwy height of the frame is 330mm for standard frame or 277mm for with slider.
- The standard offset we use is 160mm to avoid the T6 arch.

You can order a range of frame heights to suit your vehicle, just measure from the arch in to the vehicle to find the offset, and up wards from the floor to top of arch to find the frame height.

Note this listing is a special order seat - orders placed with RIB on receipt of your order. Once order confirmed by RIB a dispatch week willl be notified to you. The seat will dispatch from France and we will then express it you just as soon as we can. Seasonal demand and RIB shutdowns will affect the leadtime

All stock beds are sent via Pallet Track unless we have a Banwy delivery van in your area. Typical delivery time is 48 hours, or a little longer for domestic addresses as these are always called by the depot before delivering to prevent failed deliveries


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